Discount Tickets to See The New York Yankees

How to get discount tickets to see New York Yankees baseball games

Despite the immense popularity of the New York Yankees baseball franchise, it is still possible to get Yankees tickets at a discount price. There are several New York Yankee discount ticket options available out there for the cash-strapped Yankees baseball fan.Most of these discount Yankees tickets can be purchased online at, directly at Yankee Stadium, at the Yankees Clubhouse shops, or through Ticketmaster. Bear in mind though that Ticketmaster charges an additional fee of nearly $10 per Yankees ticket, just for the luxury of using their web site for the transaction, so the other locations are recommended. The $10 fee for the $5 special tickets is clearly absurd.

Yankees Newsletter Discounts

If you sign up for the Yankees e-newsletter, they will send you regular special offers – but beware, these special offers for discount Yankees tickets are also received by the ticket scalpers, so they will often buy up all the discount ticket inventory well before regular Yankees fans can get a look in. It’s a war out there, people, bring your best armour.

Overpriced Premium Seat Tickets – Then Discounted To Sell

The Yankees management know they can sell the regular and lower-priced Yankees tickets pretty easily, so they often overprice the expensive seats, knowing that they can easily discount the ticket price if they are left holding a lot of ticket inventory. The Yankees will frequently offer discounts through the Yankees E-savers program on their pricier seating areas like the Audi Yankees Club seats, Mohegan Sun Sports Bar seats, Batter’s Eye seats in the Bleachers Cafe, and both Field and Main Level. So even if you’re a big spender you might be able to get a discount with Yankees E-Savers to these locations.

$5 Tickets, Yes That’s Right, Just Five Dollars Per Ticket

On the other end of the spectrum, there are $5 Games tickets (yep, that’s right, just five bucks to see the world famous Yankees play at home) available to select games, usually early season and mid-season, weak opponents and a midweek game. These cheap Yankees tickets are for seats in the Terrace (usually priced $50-$85) and Grandstand (usually $23-$30) levels, which are the outer rings of the stadium, as well as the Bleachers, which are normally $14 and located around the outfield. The reality is that most New York sports events have priced out the average family, but fortunately a baseball game is still one event that you can afford to bring the whole family to see. The New York Yankees offer Family Games ticket specials on designated games that take place Monday through Thursday during the months of April, May, and September. These special family Yankees discount tickets are for seats in the Grandstand level. There is also a same day Youth discount available for kids 14 and younger when accompanied by an adult. The Yankees youth discount tickets are half priced tickets, and they are available for select Saturday games in the Main, Terrace, Grandstand Levels, and bleachers.

Weeknight Ticket Specials

The Yankees have a tough time filling seats at Yankee Stadium on weeknight games, so they offer a Tuesday Night Games ticket special that allows fans to get discount Yankees tickets in the Grandstand for every Tuesday game. These Yankees discounts typically amount to $4 or $5 off of the usual ticket price for those seats. If you belong to certain select groups, you may also qualify for a New York Yankees ticket discount. Active military personnel who present an ID card can get 1 free same day ticket for select areas in the Grandstand or Bleachers sections (or a half-price ticket in certain other sections) at Monday through Thursday games. Senior citizens (60+) can get same day $5 tickets for Monday through Thursday Yankees games, two hours before the game starts (subject to availability). College and high school students qualify for half-price Grandstand Level Yankees tickets, which can be purchased on the day of the game.

Yankees Corporate Discounts

Yankees Corporate Discounts

Employees of large corporations in the NYC area (E.G. Morgan Stanley, IBM, PSEG etc) have access to an employee discount program where Yankees tickets are available at a big discount to the employees (and families) of staff who work for the large corporations. There are are of these employee perk organizations, but the biggest of these programs is and their list of the Yankees ticket discounts can be found here. The deals often up to 50% off the face value of a ticket and the better the ticket the higher the discount. A common rule of thumb is that this employee perk program grants the following discounts when compared to the regular ticket price. Field Level Section 100 50% off, Main Level Section 200 50% off, Terrace Level Section 300 30% off and Grandstand Section 400 10% off the regular ticket price. The only catch is that employees must work for program member organizations, but as the membership for this program is free, this is easy to get HR to switch it on for employees.

Yankees Half Price Ticket Booth – MO SAVER

The New York Yankees introduced their own version of Broadway’s half-price ticket booth by setting up shop at the Modell’s Sporting Goods store on 42nd Street in Times Square. These “Mo Saver” tickets are sold on the day of Yankees home games starting at 8AM for day games and at noon for night games, until ticket supplies run out. These same day Yankees discount tickets are limited to four per person and the discount is up to 50%. While technically these discounts may apply to different seat levels throughout Yankee Stadium, the reality so far has been that most of them are for higher priced seats. Yankees fans looking to get very cheap tickets should probably look elsewhere, but people who would be interested in getting $250 seats for $125 might find a good deal at the Mo Saver booth. Some fans reported that $75 tickets have also been available, but may only be available in singles. It has also been reported that ticket brokers have been sending down large troupes of their own staff in order to garner these discount Yankees tickets for “promised” client tickets.

Yankees Group Tickets

Looking for a fun outing for you and 381 of your closest friends? Yankees group ticket discounts are available for groups from 12 to 382. Obviously if your group is on the larger side, your seating options may be limited depending on the game date that you are interested in – the more advance notice the better. You can put in a Yankees group ticket request at The ticket discounts get bigger, the more you buy – but a rule of thumb is 15% to 25% off face value. The Yankees are often at war with ticket brokers who try to buy large quantities of tickets through this mechanism.

As part of the group sales process, the Yankees also have provide premium discount games, regular discount games, an amazing 50% off for 50+ Ticket Games that are often weekday games against lesser teams and also discounts to fundraising games. The prices and terms for the tickets are at: Yankees Group Tickets

Audi Club Ticket Discounts

The Audi Club is a pretty prestigious location in the Stadium to see the Yankee game. They often have some spare ticket inventory to this area that they like to discount. The Audi Club is an exclusive restaurant and lounge with a view of the field that normally requires a $975 membership fee for entrance, plus $65 for the all-you-can-eat buffet. When these tickets are offered at a discount, it may seem like a great deal because you’re getting in without the hefty membership fee. And if you’re more interested in a nice meal of surf and turf (and lots more) in a comfortable atmosphere than actually experiencing the game, it may be a good option for you – especially for games where the outside weather conditions aren’t ideal. Located between section 230 and section 235, the Audi Club section is not close to the home plate action and you’re going to end up watching most of the game on the large TV screens scattered around the bar, something you could do at any sports bar in NYC for a lot cheaper. You do have the option of sitting in stadium seats in front of the club that face the field, but that will cost you an additional $90-$140 — and you’re still a long, long way from the action. Furthermore, if you do want to venture out of the Audi Club and into the stadium at some point, you will actually have to purchase a separate ticket for the game.

Mohegan Sun Sports Bar

Like the Audi Club, the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar is more about food and a slick atmosphere than about enjoying a good old-fashioned baseball game. Although there is a clear view of the field, it’s at a considerable distance. In fact, even though you have to pay $75-$90 for these tickets, the people sitting in the bleachers next to the bar are only paying $5-$15. On the upside, there is a good selection of food and drinks, and there is comfortable seating at the front of the bar so you can watch the game while eating. Prices are a lot more than the average hot dog, but still fairly reasonable for this sort of fare in this type of setting (e.g. Blue crab mini tacos $23, pretzels and cheese fondue $9, grilled cheese brioche and chips $12, braised pork hoagie and chips $17, Lobel’s Wagyu burger and truffle fries $24).

Batter’s Eye Seats

Situated atop the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar, the Batter’s Eye are a select number of seats with a unique view. The more frugal baseball fan is not going to appreciate the price ($125-$135), especially considering the nearby bleacher seats cost a tiny fraction of that price. And there is nothing premium about the way these seats feel, as they are unpadded, don’t offer much legroom, and subject the people sitting there to the merciless hot sun. But, that said, superfans may consider the Batter’s Eye Seats well worth the price since they offer a pretty breathtaking view of the whole field, including views of both bull pens. These seats are right by the Bleachers Cafe, where you can get refreshments from Johnny Rockets, Famous Famiglia, and Stadium Grill.

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