Are We Seeing Truth Buried In The Diary of a Madman?

Do mad men have a view into another dimension, or are they just mad men?

I am a doctor of psychology at a major medical clinic in NYC and often think I have have seen it all. Once in a while I see something that is a straight textbook tragedy. The following note is one of about a dozen I receive every month from patients that I have treated in the past and I happen to give them my business card. My card has my contact number and email address on it, just in case they need a follow-up. This is not the first time I have seen an email like this, but this email is unique in its consistency of the breakdown in the relationship between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion. An altogether sense of mental fragmentation in the patient separates them from what we perceive as reality. In my upcoming book, Could The Mad Men May Be Right After All, I explore the notion that it may the clinically sane who lack the skills to see the true reality of the world. Our patients, that appear to be disconnected from our reality,  could be seeing the truth of the world though the distorted lens of their broken minds of mad men? What does lie out there that only they can glimpse? Or is it just a broken machine and all their perceptions are as broken as they appear to be? Do these people have an optic into what lies beyond, but are unable to decipher its content because they are stuck in the human form that does not lend itself to understanding what could be the truth beyond. Or are they just plain crazy?

D.R. T @ NYU Med Center

Common Thread With Mad Men: Global Satellite Manipulation and Mind Control

Dear Dr T

This note is primarily to thank you for helping me last February, when I was at my wits end. Things have settled down now and I see things a lot clearer than before. There is one matter that you may be able to help me with though and that is that in August of last year, my family began recording inside my government apartment to try to take my parental rights and sell my personal information to both reality television shows and the US government. Myself and my kids were illegally evicted as a direct result of their attempt to profit off of my personal life without consent. (I believe the D.R. Phil show is involved in the recording of low income families throughout america while testing illegal medical hypnotics and illegal drugs). while the illegal recordings were taking place, several government agencies were manipulated in order to cause me to lose my home, my son, my job and also to ensure that i’d never be able to receive govt assistance in housing. my friends and family all were given protection (federal law enforcement) while using myself and my two kids as human lab rats, testing radio frequency hypnotics without consent or any medical training. the hypnotic procedures caused my daughter to have a miscarriage & no legal action was taken following the incident. the recorded/broadcasted information that was obtained within the walls of my home was illegally used to steal google passwords in order to log into my accounts and manipulate my google maps and accounts to confuse me, this was in direct relation to the fact that I now have a criminal record that I otherwise would not have. my family is intentionally trying to force a permanent psychological disorder (that is a genetic paternal trait in my bloodline) so that the daytime/reality televisions could place the blame for this type of human manipulation solely on the US government. because my apartment was a govt housing subsidy, I requested to view the legally recorded hallway video surveillance in writing 4 times and was denied my legal tenant right to this information. I have tried to obtain legal assistance in getting a warrant for the footage, but because my current home is also being recorded without my consent, each time I make a decision on an attorney, someone calls and gives information, or bribes them not to help me. I can (with legal help) prove that computer programming and network software are manipulating the usage of radio broadcast/cell towers and global satellites in order to broadcast a brain-washing program with low frequency hypnosis in order to continue human testing without permission or consent. My family has been trying to use radio freq hypnosis to kill me and my daughter without leaving evidence of their own involvement. I am hyper sensitive to sound, and because of this, I can hear very low frequency radio waves. I would like to discuss an opportunity to stop global low frequency hypnotic brain-washing and possibly make a positive change instead

As always, it is great to hear back from you, but please advise as to my next course of action.

M Jermonofski

Shiela Winson

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