WANTED: Subaru Outback 2015 3.6R

How Do Savvy Car Buyers Find Cars Today?

I want to buy a Subaru Outback with about 50-60k miles in good condition in the NY NJ PA or CT area. Ideally the car’s exterior color should be white or silver (with a tan interior) and be around year 2015, but I will consider something close. The car has to be the 3.6R model though, because the 2.5 is horribly under powered, as anyone who has ever driven it will testify. The car should be free of accidents, have a clean CarFax, should be free of any liens, ideally 1 owner and you should have the title in hand so you can sell it to me, free and clear.

I have been looking for this car for a couple of months and have given up on the regular avenues – so here I am trying this somewhat unique way, IE paying for a “wanted” ad in the car section of Craigslist, which you are now reading and saying “what a good idea!”

No Car Dealers Please:

I am not looking for a dealer sale as I am quite familiar with the games they play (where they often charge a huge processing or preparation fee on top of the advertised price, that takes the final numbers into outrageous territory) and that’s why I would prefer to do a private sale.

Payment For The Vehicle

I have the cash in hand ready to go right now for the right car, so please contact me. I am not a car dealer, just a person who knows what they want, but isn’t willing to put up with car salesman shenanigans at the dealerships.

When I say I will pay cash, I mean cash, not some other baloney currency that Craigslist scammers love to do. I am a legitimate buyer who wants to buy this specific car.

Looking forward to hearing from you, please email me on this contact link and lets arrange to talk on the phone.

Frank Roberts

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