Security at JFK Airport Parking Lots

Security at JFK Parking Lots

JFK is a very secure airport for terrorism and other big crimes, but the short-term and long-term parking at JFK airport lots are notorious for trouble. Many a Lexus owner has returned to their vehicle to find that their drivers window has been smashed and all the LED front and rear lights have been stolen. There have also been many cases of arson in the parking lots at JFK and travelers are advised to not leave their best vehicle at these parking lots for extended amounts of time as thieves can pick them of parts clean and then torch them, sometimes for fun, other times in the incorrect assumption that owner has fire damage insurance coverage, which means that you will not have to pa for anything. Personal security at JFK is no better or worse then other airports, but travelers should still be aware that this is JFK and often a destination for career petty criminals and the parking lots are notorious for vehicle part theft, or theft of the whole vehicle.

lexus with missing headlamp
Lexus RX350 with broken headlamp

Port Authority Beefs Up Security

Although the Port Authority has beefed up security in the JFK airport parking lots, many air travellers are still arriving back to their cars to find them missing, damaged or parts are stolen. The airport police have little motivation to actually stop car crimes from happening and so the reported crime rate at this airport continues to rise, as the same petty crime at other airports continues to fall. This also may be a situation where victims now feel that Police Officers at JFK are more approachable and thus more crimes are being reported. The Police could be a statistic victim of their own outreach success. More patrols can be seen patrolling the parking lots, but very few times do the Police actually get out of their car to investigate.

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