My name is Leonard, and I am in a pickle

My name is Leonard

I am 37 years old. I have been a small business owner for about twelve years, I am a truck driver by trade, but I also run a car wash and detailing company – Hoping to also start an auto body shop . About three years ago I bought my first new car and two years ago I bought my first house. I’m single and never had much use for these things but I thought I would try and settle down. My plan was to pay off my business, my house, and my car and put some money in the bank. It was the American dream. For ten years I did exactly that. I sacrificed dating or any kind of relationship and worked towards my goal. Then all hell broke loose.

Even after I bought the house, I was still on the road for a month at a time. See I’m an owner operator, or truck driver. My house stayed empty while I was gone. The first month I had a water leak and it did quite a bit of damage. So I decided to hire a house sitter while I was gone. The biggest mistake of my life. Her name is Alexis. She is a single parent of one daughter. I met her through a mutual friend. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay. I thought this was perfect. I would give her a place to live, rent free in exchange for her watching the house. The only thing I required her to pay was the utilities. I thought it was only fair since she and her daughter would be the ones running them up. Now, this was a pretty nice house, five bedrooms, three baths, around 4400 square feet. I will show you a list of the contents of the house later.

Her mother Rita, works for the county police department. This will be very important information later.

I hired Alexis in May or June of 2001 and for about a year, things went well. I really didn’t see much of her, in fact she moved into my house before I did. My mother passed away, December of 2001, whereas I took some time off. I was devastated. My mother and I were very close. In fact I took several months off. This is when Alexis started preying on me, well I was vulnerable. She was not the type of women that I would have relations with, but let’s just say she was persistent and seductive and to my vulnerable state, she was convenient. And to both our agreement, it was just sex.

My mother had a beautiful Cadillac Catera with less than 30,000 miles . It should have raised my attention that she couldn’t wait to get her hands on her car but I seem to believe that people are good deep down. So I sold her the car, which was valued at $17,800 for $8,900 and financed it for her for $200 a month, no interest. For the first couple of months she paid on time , then it would be $50 here and $100 there. I also lent her money and the same result. Then the utilities where turn off and so on. I had spoken with her several time and about her daughter’s behavior, which I’ll get into if you decide to help me. Well in another words things weren’t going so well, so I asked that her and her daughter move out. She moved her daughter in with her sister who lived about 60 miles away and asked me if she could stay long enough to find her a place. Which I told her it would be fine, because I’m not a heartless person. But what I didn’t know was, it would come back later to bit me in the ass.

Well, one month turned into two month, then three months. But what I didn’t know was, the whole time she was plotting against me. She was taking my mortgage payments out of the mail box and throwing them away and before I knew it, I was 6 months behind. She went over to my deceased parents’ house and flooded it, which did over $35,000 worth of damage. This was something straight out of the movie “Pacific Heights”, except this wasn’t Hollywood, it was my real life.  She told people at her work exactly HOW she did this. Not to mention, she stole my parent’s jewelry. She poisoned my dog and killed it, she put nair hair remover in my shampoo, she urinated on my tooth brush. At first I thought that the damages to my parents’ house was just an accident, so I turned it into the insurance company. Who also had stolen things out of my parents’ house, which is a story for another time. People at her work, about six of them, thought she was just blowing off steam, it didn’t occur to them that she would actually do these things, but when they found out that all these thing where happening, they all came forward and told me exactly how she flooded my parents’ house before I had said anything. Well as you guessed, I was pissed.

On Sunday October 6, 2002 I got home off the road and did my normal routine, my laundry, showered, paid my bills. On Monday I got up before she went to work and drove the Cadillac or to my friends impound yard and had the impound it. they drove me home and I waited for her to get up. When she saw that the Cadillac was gone she came over to me, which I was sitting at the computer and struck me from behind giving me a black eye. I in turn called 911 and my neighbor just in case it took them awhile to get there. My neighbor and the police arrived at the same time, at which time the officer placed me under arrest. When asked why they said, since I was the bigger and more aggressive looking one, they were taking me. I told them I was the one that called and that I was the owner of the house. My neighbor even voiced his dismay about my black eye and they threaten to lock him up. I asked the officer to escort Alexis of my property, they asked me if she lived there, I said only as a house sitter and I’ve already asked her to leave. They officers told me I didn’t have the right to ask her to leave and if she wanted to leave, she had the right to halve my belongings. So off to jail I went. As you well know, if your arrested for domestic disturbance you’re in there for twelve hours. Well during this time of my incarceration, Alexis and her family back a U-Haul up to my house and took everything. I’ll be happy to give you a list and some photos.

She and her mother used ” the system” and had me locked up seven times, a total of 102 days and costing me over $120,000 in bonds, lawyers, court costs, and fines. They foreclosed on my house, I also lost my contract which paid me around $150,000 a year. she stole two of my cars one being the Cadillac, which witness saw her in it and reported them stolen. It was just covered up. I got them back but now she suing me for the Cadillac The judge awarded her the decision for my car. I had to pay her $3,000. She forwarded my mail to her P.O. box and signed my name,” while I was in jail”. You would think that would be a case of mail fraud. Which is a federal felony. But the U.S. government said they had better things to do then go after petty mail fraud. They said, and I quote, that they had bigger fish to fry like killers and drug dealers. Five black men attacked me in my cell putting me in the hospital, I’m sure her mother had something to do with that. She also visited me in jail and told me if I didn’t give her the Cadillac she would make my life a living hell. She told me that she would get me for child molesting, she would get me for child pornography on my computer. “One year later ” she file charges of enticing a minor, which is a felony. I and others told the District attorney that she would more than likely file these charges and still I went to jail. I’ve had seven attorneys, all had no problem taking my money. I went out of town and spoke with some attorneys who told me I should just kill her or have her killed and have them try to prove it, and if they did, I would still probably do less time then what time she’s going to have me do.

This is still not everything but as you can see I’m in a pickle I have witnesses, evidence, testimony, affidavits, and some bad advice. And with everything, the police department has yet to take a statement from me. and have covered a lot up. I’ve lost over $550,000 . I’ve lost my credit. I’ve lost my dignity. And I have to file bankruptcy. I’m not sure how I still have my sanity. I have been a law abiding citizen and a tax payer, but my back is up against the wall . I don’t want to take the law into my own hands, so I’m asking you for your help. I don’t have anywhere else to turn.

Leonard, I am in pickle.

Susan Abrahamson

Recent written research pieces have been printed in Wired Magazine, Tech Review, Business Insider and Cat Fancier. Although the latter story did not require any hands-on tech knowledge, Mr Tiddles gave it his full approval and his fuzzy logic is really rather cute.